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Past Projects


Treasure of the Midwest

Through Champions of the Track, KPB Media produced a series of YouTube videos, written content, and social media posts aimed at promoting the breeding of racing of Thoroughbreds in Indiana. This project was sponsored by Horseshoe Indianapolis, the Indiana Horsemen's Protection and Benevolent Organization, and the Indiana Thoroughbred Alliance.

Mill Ridge Farm Video

Through Champions of the Track, KPB Media produced a video on the history of iconic Mill Ridge Farm featuring footage from our tour of the farm, sponsored through Horse Country Inc., and historical photos provided by Mill Ridge.

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"Hedy Lamarr and the Controversial Erotic Drama Ecstasy"

I wrote a piece about Hedy Lamarr and her role in the controversial 1933 film Ecstasy for Breakfast At Dominique's. Breakfast At Dominique's supplies an officially licensed Hedy Lamarr blend of coffee. 

"The Ava Album: In The Wee Small Hours"

I wrote a piece about Frank Sinatra's career revival thanks to his marriage to actress Ava Gardner, who inspired an album that is now considered to be one of the greatest of all time - In The Wee Small Hours. This piece was created for Breakfast At Dominque's, who offers an officially licensed Ava Gardner coffee blend.

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Charming Kitten -
Stallion Promotion

Through Champions of the Track, we were hired to advertise the Indiana stallion Charming Kitten. This included a video advertisement, an article on his career, a package of photos, and a flyer design. 

Taste of Victory Stables - Web Design

I redesigned Taste of Victory Stables' website to showcase their achievements and current offerings. This website is consistently updated with results from horses currently in their stable and monthly blog content to improve their website's SEO. 

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